Disc Treatment

Effective Disc Treatment

Let Us Help You Relieve You From the Pain

Years of forceful movement can cause intense pain in the disc. They can be treated non-surgically. Don't break your bank, call Linzmeier Chiropractic immediately. We can offer effective therapy to relieve you from the pain.
disc Treatment

Disc Treatment Options

We offer two specialized disc treatment options for patients suffering from neck (cervical spine), mid back (thoracic spine) or lower back (lumbar spine) disc problems.
  • Decompression Traction System (DTS): It is a highly effective therapy utilizing distraction to relieve pressure on the affected disks. 
  • Vivatec treatment: This involves increasing circulation and fluid into the affected disc(s). Both disk treatments are available and treatment plans are determined on an individual basis. All disk treatments are typically comfortable for the patient during the treatment. 
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